W = mas

W = mas (Work = mass x acceleration x displacement)

Screenprints on fabric, 2014

The patterns I created for W = mas are based on routes I have taken to/from work by bike or foot.  A period of my life is characterized by a set of coordinates (A and B) and a circuit (A –> B  –> A).  After establishing a preferred route, and repeating it for months or years, the movement becomes involuntary, all I perceive is a shape, the shape of the motion.  Then, the repetition of a shape, a pattern.  There are nearly infinite ways to tessellate a shape, just as there are nearly infinite ways for me to get to work, so the process is mediated by preferences and rules.  I set rules for these tessellations: the shape must not be altered for aesthetic reasons, and, if filled, the outline (the route) must remain visible, not obscured by layering.  The data must be legible.