Deer Wallpaper

DEER WALLPAPER Custom adaptation of a wallpaper I created in 2004, for the home of Tatyana Yanishevsky 2-color screenprint on

Poster for Maria Chavez, Lesley Flanigan performance

POSTER FOR APRIL 10, 2016 PERFORMANCE AT MACHINES WITH MAGNETS Maria Chavez, Lesley Flanigan, Shawn Greenlee, and Humanbeast a

2016 Olympics Poster

2016 OLYMPIC TRIATHLON POSTER I had the privilege of assisting Michael Jones, a Cape Cod painter/triathlete/legal studies prof


REGELATION An illustration of ice molecules melting under pressure. Neatly stacked hexagons begin to slip apart. Screenprint o

Greens (wild, salad, cooking)

WILD GREENS / SALAD GREENS / COOKING GREENS A sampling of edible greens including spinach, arugula, dandelion, claytonia, mach

Napkins for Clark/Gitlen Wedding

NAPKINS FOR MAX GITLEN AND INDIA CLARK’S WEDDING  JULY 2015 (based on my poster design for Farm Fresh RI in 2013) 3-col

Maleficus Acetaria (Salad Wizard)

MALEFICUS ACETARIA (SALAD WIZARD) There is no male ficus carica.  In the land of figs, there are females and hermaphrodite

Poster for Flicker, Pulse (Magic Lantern Cinema)

FLICKER, PULSE Poster for an evening of audiovisual performances by Bruce McClure and Alexander DuPuis presented by Magic Lant

Poster for February: A Hex

Poster for FEBRUARY: A HEX (a thing I did at 186 Carpenter St. Feb-Mar 2015) 3-color screenprint on metallic paper, 11″

The Steel Yard 2015 Poster

THE STEEL YARD 2015 COURSE ANNOUNCEMENT 4-color screenprint on Neenah Environment paper, 11″ x 14″