Five points determine a conic. Six points must be present in order for special statements to be made.


The people wanted to help Jarilo defeat the spirits of cold and darkness, so they cooked and ate pancakes.

Many believe that they must give up pancakes in order to achieve spiritual growth. They are wrong.

The oxygen atoms are fixed in place relative to one another, but the hydrogen atoms may or may not be

disorderly. Still, they must obey the ice rules.

Making and eating pancakes is sun worship.

Injera is food, utensil, plate, and tablecloth.

There are about 18 phases of ice.


Each ice crystal consists of 60 water molecules grouped in hexagonal layers.

If six unordered points are given on a conic section, they can be connected into a hexagon in 60 different ways,

resulting in 60 different instances of Pascal’s theorem and 60 different Pascal lines.

This configuration of 60 lines is the Hexagrammum Mysticum.

The 60 lines of the Hexagrammum Mysticum can be associated with 60 points in such a way that each point

lies on 3 lines and each line contains 3 points.

The word pancake derives from the Latin placenta.

The suit of Disks (Coins, Diamonds, Pentacles) is linked to Earth, Winter, the physical body, the material world,

wealth, work, and accomplishment.

The hexagram embodies perfection in form and structure, efficient use of storage space.

Use it to invoke equilibrium.

The 6 of disks: gratification, relieving distress, but also vigilance, for one cannot gratify all.


Internal pressure distorts the crystals. Toward the base of the glacier, layers of crystals begin to slip.

When the bubbles pop, the pancake is ready to be flipped.

When the stress on the layer above exceeds the inter-layer binding strength, it moves faster than the layer below.

When the tablecloth is gone, the meal is over.

Leave a pancake on the windowsill for your ancestors.

Any remaining blintzes shall be thrown on the fire.

– Beth Brandon, February 2015

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