I consider the act of repetition – a gesture inherent in meditation, obsession, ritual, practice, and production – and its potential to produce clarity, intricacy, complication, accumulation, mania, boredom, change, music, movement, and mastery.

At times, patterns and works on paper furnish environments in which narrative ceremonies or performances take place (for example, the home).

Source material may range from hunting catalogs to food-borne illness to the melting of glacial ice, as I investigate the methods, mystical and scientific, that we use to explain and manage our ecological situation.

My first wallpaper attempts occurred in the printmaking studio at Brown University, where I earned a B.A. in Visual Art in 2004.  Upon graduation, I found myself with wallpaper commissions, which I somehow fulfilled on two eight foot folding tables.  In 2005, I was awarded an Apprenticeship at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia, where I learned efficient methods of production on four 25 yard-long tables.  Six years later, after a Print Fellowship at the FWM and a three year stint making fiber optic brain-mapping devices and some other stuff, I returned to Providence.   I brought my knowledge of repeat printing to the AS220 Printshop, where I continue to teach other people how to design and print patterns.

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