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From the series W = mas (Work = mass x acceleration x displacement)

Screenprint on fabric 2013-14

The patterns I created for W = mas are based on routes I have taken to/from work by bike or foot.  A period of my life is characterized by a set of coordinates (A and B) and a circuit (A –> B  –> A).  After establishing a preferred route, and repeating it  for months or years, the movement becomes involuntary, and all I perceive is a shape: the shape of the motion.  Then, the repetition of the shape: a pattern.  I create a visual rendering of my perception, trace and tessellate.  There are nearly infinite ways to tessellate a shape, just as there are nearly infinite ways for me to get to work, so the process is mediated by preferences and rules.  The shape must not be altered for aesthetic reasons, and, if filled, the outline must remain visible, not obscured by layering.  The data must remain legible.  At the same time, the information goes invisible when conveyed as a nice geometric pattern that you might like to see on curtains in your home.