NOVEMBER 21, 2013

Making (mostly) blank books with patterned covers to sell at the AS220 Holiday Sale Dec 8 and the New Urban Arts Cardboard Pancakes Sale Dec 14-15






OCTOBER 17, 2013

I’ve been designing some new geometric patterns each generated by tracing a route I’ve taken from home to work on my bike over the past several years, and creating a tessellation based on the resulting line or closed shape.

Below: 39 Wood St. to 7 Steeple St., Providence, RI.




JUNE 30, 2013

Process shot of a recent laser cut wood block print, Untitled (Defensive Formation).  Go to Prints to see it.






FEBRUARY 24, 2013

HEAT-SETTING FABRIC HAS NEVER BEEN SO FUN.  Just finished the first proofs of a new pattern, Ergot on Rye/St. Anthony’s Fire.  Go here to read all about it, about ergot poisoning and hallucination in the Middle Ages (and today).  I’ve been printing with thermochromatic pigments, which change color in response to heat.  Here’s a glimpse of this pattern undergoing thermal change.


OCTOBER 13, 2012

New pattern




AUGUST 31, 2012

Lasers AND glow-in-the-dark ink.  See Prints or Patterns for this new thing that I’m real excited about.
















MAY 25, 2012

Finally made myself business cards. 3-color double-sided letterpress, in three color ways.