MAY 2015

Finally, presenting evidence of FEBRUARY: A HEX in phases, a month-long… thing I did at 186 Carpenter St. this winter.


















I decided to try out patterned wallcovering made on the vinyl cutter, in my own kitchen, and I’m pretty psyched about it so… I think this is a new thing.  I can cut any of my patterns out of vinyl, in a ton of colors and finishes (matte, shiny, even flocked or holographic, I think!) as an inexpensive and removable alternative to wallpaper.  It’s also possible to create a two-color design by painting the wall a color before applying the vinyl.  It’s not exactly EASY to hang, but it sure as hell is easier than hanging wallpaper.  Starting at $6/sq. ft. for 14″ wide vinyl in basic colors, we can talk about other options, and an extra fee if you want me to install it for you.  Made to order.  Buy it on Etsy.

Look out for: my hallway, in this pattern.






New poster design for Magic Lantern Cinema 

Laser cut, laser etched, and screen printed on metallic silver cover stock




















MAY 21, 2014

I have five 8′ long panels and one smaller fabric piece on display at TF Green International Airport until September 1.  

W=mas (Work = mass x acceleration x displacement) is a series based on my own flight patterns: routes I’ve taken to/from work by bicycle or foot.  

Click here to see the patterns and read more about this series.


3 panels at TF Green Airport









































Also, some new poster designs for the Steel Yard‘s summer courses, and for the Hope Street Farmer’s Market.  Go to Contract Work to see more.